At Reiki for Transitions we work with each client as an individual.  There are no cookie cutter programs.  Together we will find out what you need to balance an grow in your life to help you pursue and find your happiness.  We use Reiki, the Aroma Freedom Technique and Oola Life Coaching to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

We offer the proprietary Pursuing Your Happiness Project
Holy Fire III ® Reiki Sessions and Classes
Aroma Freedom Session and Classes
OOLA Life Coaching 3 week and 10 week programs
OOLA Life Coaching 1/2 day workshops

Renee Arledge is the owner of Reiki for Transitions.
She is a Certified Holy Fire III® Reiki Master, Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner, and Certified Oola Life Coach.  She personally uses the techniques in her own life and is a testament to what the techniques can accomplish in bringing balance, peace and happiness to ones life.


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"Renee has developed a life changing program with the implementation of the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) with the principles of Oola. The step by step program enables you to get past the Oola blockers by combining the power of AFT to help people unearth limiting beliefs and set new, positive intentions. I have had more progress on creating my Oola life in three session of AFT that would have taken me years to overcome using traditional methods. Her program is truly the best of both worlds."
— Lucretia C., Ohio
“The class is amazing.  The family class was when I had an incredible breakthrough.  I survived horrible abuse, and taking the family class and doing the Aroma Freedom technique opened my eyes to the fact that although I can not control what was done to me, I can control what I do and how I raise my own family.  I will no longer let the actions of my abusers determine my future.  The family section was life changing in only one hour. Thank you.

— Gina M., Kansas
“The word "control" is the key word for me.  I had given control to my emotions, my past, to people, to expereinces, etc., but this program has put the control back in my hands. It is amazing!!!”

— Robin L., California

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